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You have found I Want My Barcode.com, one of the premier sites on the web to obtain inexpensive, 100% legal bar codes.

 Please read the entire Mobile FAQ and Review Page. It contains information important to most buyers.

Why Am I Here?

Most likely you are here because you are an entrepreneur and you need just a few UPC (bar) codes to enhance your business. These days, if you want to sell a product in even small retail outlets, you need a UPC or barcode. Point-of-Sale systems are now commonplace for small business, and many retailers won't even talk to you unless you have a barcode.

So, you have 2 choices:

1) Go to GS1US (the organization that originates bar codes) and pay them a $250.00 initial fee (at least) plus ANNUAL fees to license 10 code numbers. You can get more, of course, for higher fees. This is the way to go if you plan on becoming a distribution magnate or tycoon.

2) Buy outright just a few codes from me, or someone like me, for a lot less. With me, you OWN these codes forever, for a reasonable one time fee. No annual fee, and I even create the UPC-A or EAN -13 code and email it to you. You can even re-use the same code if you sell out or discontinue a product line.

Who The Heck Are You, Anyway?

I'm (Steve) Leroy Johnston, owner of a company called HL Outdoors. My company makes a great piece of fishing tackle, The Everlasting Slip Bobber. Back in 1999, I ran into the barcode problem while marketing my new product. I had no choice but to pony up a large chunk of cash to the UCC (now, GS1US) for a company prefix. Back then, the UCC charged a one time fee for a company prefix that would make 100,000 unique bar codes, and they sold them saying that they were an asset of the purchasing company in perpetuity. You did not have to sign or agree to any contract or license - you just paid your money and they sent you a certificate. You can see mine by clicking the "Certificate" button on the left - it's a true copy, except that I have blanked my company prefix. And, yes, I know it lists restrictions, but I didn't agree to any of them.

About 2002, The UCC decided they wanted greater control (and more money), so they started licensing company prefixes and sent everybody menacing letters saying that we would lose our codes unless we agreed to their new licensing and started to ante up annual fees. A bunch of companies decided this was nonsense and sued. And won. The court decided that the companies who had already purchased their codes owned them, and were not subject to any further fees or agreements.

For more information regarding this process, go to Mr. George Laurer's site. Mr. Laurer is the inventor of the UPC code, and my site was developed with his substantial input.

So, I own 100,000 bar codes, of which I will only use a small fraction. As a company asset, I can do with them as I please. And I please to sell them to you.

How Much?

These codes are available in 7 different packages

1) 1 for $22.00.

2) 2 for $40.00

3) 4 for $78.00 (19.50 per code)

4) 10 for $150.00 - includes guaranteed unique 10 digit prefix

5) 25 for $275.00 (11.00 per code)

6) 50 for $375.00 (7.50 per code)

7) 100 for $500.00 (5.00 per code) - includes guaranteed unique 9 digit prefix

BONUS - upgrade to any package within 60 days of your purchase by paying the difference! Guaranteed prefixes do not apply to upgrades.

Once you reach a price level, you pay only the per code price for that level for the next 60 days!

SOLEMN PROMISE: If I reduce my prices during the 15 day warranty period of your purchase, I will send you a rebate for the difference.

NEW! 5/20/10 - As of this date, I will manually verify that every UPC I sell is NOT in use at Amazon. Why? Because UPC theft is becoming rampant on Amazon. You NEED this, and so do I. Buy with confidence and let me chase the crooks.

What Will I Get For My Money?

Within 2 days (usually, same day) of paying for your order, you will receive an email with the following attachments:

1) Images of UPC-A (or EAN 13) type bar codes from the numbers you have purchased. These are complete 12 digit (or 13 digit for EAN 13) barcodes, ready to print on labels or import into packaging layouts. They will be tested to make sure they scan correctly with commercial scanners, but your results may vary according to the quality of your printer and whether you edit the image. See #2.

2) A copy of our legal agreement, including the numbers you have purchased. These will be 11 digits - barcode creation software adds the 12th digit in a UPC-A bar code as a checksum. If, for some reason, you don't want to use the images I supply, you can use your own creation software to create UPC's or any other bar code supported. There are also online applets that will create them for free. If you use a packaging company, they will usually want to use their own barcode creation software, and these are the numbers they will require.

3) A copy of the actual HL Outdoors UCC certificate.

4) A text file containing a complete list of the full UPC barcode number string. Easy to copy and paste for online product listing, or to paste into a spreadsheet to track product assignments. This is for you folks that are using them on E-commerce sites.

If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your purchase within 15 days from the date of receipt, I will issue you a complete refund.

I Like It - How Do I Buy?

1) Click the "Legal Agreement" button on the left. PLEASE read this carefully - if you agree to the terms, fill out the form (all fields are required) and click "submit". YOU MUST AGREE TO THE TERMS IN THE LEGAL AGREEMENT AND SUBMIT IT FIRST, OR YOUR ORDER WILL NOT BE PROCESSED. After you submit the form, you will be directed to a checkout page.

2) Click the "Buy Now" button below the quantity you desire. This will take you to a PayPal checkout page. You do not have to sign up for a PayPal account. The payment page will display HL Outdoors, our parent company. All major credit cards are accepted.

3) You can also submit the form and pay by check or money order, if you prefer, but there will be a delay of up to 10 days for the check to clear. If you're going this route, send me an email telling me so. Please make check payable to HL Outdoors, or I won't be able to process your order.

That's all there is to it!

I Still Have Some Questions....

I have an FAQ and a Mobile FAQ page that should answer them. Please read the entire Mobile FAQ and Review Page. It contains information important to most buyers.


Click the "Contact" button on the left and we can talk about it.

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